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    Novelty RC Raceways Track Rules

    Here are the 12 Commandments of R/C Racing

    1. I'm going racing to have fun!
    2. A mad driver is a bad driver!
    3. The turn marshal didn't wreck, I did!
    4. I have to slow down to go fast.
    5. The more I relax the better I drive.
    6. It's not like I never hacked anyone!
    7. Whether I have a good or bad day is my choice.
    (Regardless of what happens in the races)
    8. Don't take this so serious after all you're racing toy cars.
    9. HEY! The Winston Million isn't on the line.
    (You can't even win lunch at Taco Bell)
    10. Be a good looser and more importantly a good winner.
    11. Watch your mouth.
    12. If I can't follow these rules today I should stay home.



    1. Registration will begin 2 hours before races on regular race days.

    2. Registration will CLOSE 1/2 hour prior to the start of the race program.

    3. Registering before race day may be available at certain events.

    4. If bad weather should occur on race day, refunds will be issued to those racers that have not completed their first round of heats on weekly races. This ruling does not apply to trophy races. Trophy races will be held if at all possible, or re-scheduled.

    5. Race Fees-All Classes

    $15.00 first class, $5.00 for each additional class.


    *Trophy Races*

    Trophy Races are special events so some of the rules for that day may be different than the regular rules. Rain dates for those events will be set before that day. If 1 round of qualifying has been completed, trophies will be awarded according to qualifying times. If the event gets rained out before any qualifying heats are ran, the race will be re-scheduled, but the event will be held on that day if at all possible. A 2-3hr. delay should be expected in case of rain.



    1. Practice time is available on the track prior to the start of the race program, and during intermissions.

    2. Practice is not allowed while the track is being watered or maintenance is being performed.

    3. Drivers are not allowed to practice without being on the drivers stand.

    4. Drivers are not allowed on the drivers stand without a visible practice clip of the correct frequency or a 2.4 radio system.

    5. After each battery pack for electric cars, or each tank of nitro for gas cars, drivers must step off the drivers stand, return their clip, and allow others on their frequency to practice.

    Sportsman Electric-Trucks & Buggies-This class is for the less experienced racers. As the classes are changing, this is a begining class, to get you ready for the faster classes. If the Race Director feels this is not the class for you, you will be bumped up. As the RTR kits have changed on motors that come with the kits, motor limits are as follows. 19 turn brushed, 13.5 brushless, 17.5 brushless, 21.5 brushless, 27 turn stock. Any motor that is not listed will be ran in the mod classes.

    Classes other than those listed may also be ran provided that there are at least 3 entries.

    Similar classes may be combined if there are not enough entries for seperate classes.


    *Drivers Meeting Info*

    Drivers meeting is held prior to the start of the race program.

    IFMAR starts will be used for qualifing heats. TQ will be determined by "Rocket Round" at all weekly races.

    There will be 2 bump ups from each of the mains in gas & electric classes.

    Gas mains may be changed in time by popular vote at drivers meeting.



    All Gas vehicles must have an approved fail safe system installed in their vehicle/radio system.

    Gas races will be given a minute of silence on the pit wall to allow for the marshals to get to their marshal spot. 30 seconds warm-up on the box, then a minute of warm-up on the track. All cars will leave the pit lane single file for a pace lap before their race starts. The loop will be live before the first cars hits the loop. Each racers' time will start when they pass over the loop. Each car is running on their own clock. Not each other in qualifying. Same goes for the electric cars.

    Electric races will be given 2 1/2 minutes and then a 30 second warning before their race begins.

    All racers need to be ready to go when their race comes up.

    All cars should conform to the latest ROAR & or RC PRO standards.

    There will be 3 heat races, and main/mains/A,B,C, etc. for each class.

    Gas qualifiers are 5 minutes each, A mains are 15 minutes, B mains are 10 minutes, and C mains and below are 8 minutes. These times may be lengthened by popular vote.

    Sportsman Electric races are 5 minutes.

    Mod Electric races are 6 minutes.

    Stock electric races are 6 minutes.

    All NiMH/NiCAD batteries/7.2volt are allowed. 139mm/L, 47mm/W, 25.1/H li-po batteries. There is no mah limit with the li-pos, (hard case lipos) they have to meet those regulations. 7.4volt 2-cell Li-Po batteries are allowed in all electric classes. Off-road. When everyone goes to the Brushless/li-po combos, I will consider 10 minute A-mains for the electric classes.

    .15 and .18 motors are legal in gas trucks at regular races. (but will not be legal at ROAR sanctioned events .12 motors only) Trophy races & RC Pro events .12 & .15 motors are legal. Novice & Sportsman classes will be allowed to run RTR kits with what they came with. Motors, etc.



    No personal compressors are allowed at the track unless you have your own generator. We have a track compressor for you to use. Pitting is outside at Novelty R/C, so don't forget to bring your pit table, pit chair, and long extension cable with you when you come to race.


    *General Rules*



    R/C racing is a fun and family sport.

    Novelty R/C Raceways encourages great sportmanship. Here are the general rules and guidelines.

    1. Cursing, or abusive language from the drivers stand, track building, or pit area, will result in the racer being warned the first offense, and being asked to leave without refund on the second.

    2. If you throw your transmitter or car, and you will be asked to leave without refund.

    3. NO alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are permitted at ANY time. You will be asked to leave.

    4. Transmitters can only be turned on while on the drivers stand, or in the gas lane.

    5. Cars can only finish a race under their own power.

    6. Driving cars in the pit area is strictly prohibited at any time. If you really need to tune/check your car between heats, contact the Race Director, and he will make sure you get a chance between heats to work out your problems.

    7. DO NOT SCREAM OR CURSE at the turn marshals. Turn marshals do not intentionally overlook your car. They often get distracted, but do not scream or curse at them. If you do verbally abuse a marshal, you will be warned the first offense, and asked to leave without refund on the second.

    8. EVERYONE must marshal after their race. If you race back-to-back, then YOU are responsible for getting a replacement. Let the Race Director know if you can't find one, we WILL help you. Penalties for not marshaling after your race will result in a 1 lap penalty off your best qualifier.

    9. Make sure you marshal someone else like you would like to be marshaled.

    10. Unsportsmanlke driving will result in a 2 lap penalty, or possibly being asked to leave without refund.

    11. Jumping the start will result in restarting from the last starting spot on the grid.

    12. Driving backwards on the track is strictly prohibited and will result in a 2 lap penalty or disqualified for that round.

    13. Applying the throttle while being marshalled may result in NOT being marshalled until you apply the brakes.

    14. Random tech inspections SHOULD be expected.

    15. If you have any type of problem, contact the Race Director. Calmly voice your dispute. We are here for the racers, we will do our best to make sure everything is right.

    16. Hacking- if you intentionally hack someone, you will be warned for the first offense, and asked to leave without refund on the second. If you "accidentally" hack someone, back off and let them in front of you again. If you hack another racer and don't back down to let them pass you back, expect a warning on the first offense, and to be asked to leave without refund on the second. We just want to set the standard in this area for clean, sportman like driving. We are out here to have fun, so let's not let hacking ruin it for anybody. If you are going to pass someone, make it a CLEAN pass.

    18. Race Directors rulings are final.

    19. Novelty R/C Raceways reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

    20. No person attending a Novelty RC event/race day/practice will have any claim for damages, expenses, lawsuits, or otherwise against a promoter, track operator, Novelty RC, its officials, agents, or employees, resulting from any damage to any car, personal injury, or monetary loss of any kind whatsoever. All attendants waive any claim they may have against a promoter, Novelty RC, or owners, when they participate in "any event" held at Novelty R/C Raceways.